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I offer people both keyword and Word search but neither really does what I want

Top priority. It would be really helpful if it was possible to set search results to open in a new page because when following up a search result people lose their place and cant get back to where they started. using back button is clumsy. PLEASE?

Also, please give all results for both search options - keyword search only finds 1000 - with no info on how those are 'chosen' I don't understand why the limit is there for one but not the other.

In keyword search if you are going to restrict it to 1000 then can you at least offer a map of the results?

Also can you make it as easy to refine keyword searches by adding new terms after a comma once the results are up - instead of having to start over with a new search.

I don't understand why its not possible to do fuzzy searches for spelling errors, use * or to do -(minus) searches and similar things that we take for granted on other sites. All would be helpful

Finally, I would like to be able to turn off the navigation options that say 'video, galleries, folders and pages' I only want to offer 'photos' Anything else is confusing. Thank you so much for reading


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    IN Firefox I right click and pick "open in another tab" so I don't loose search results. I do this on any search like Google.

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