What is your Capture One 20 workflow for keeping SmugMug pics updated?

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I posted a generalized version of this question over on Capture One's forum, but I thought I might get a better SmugMug specific answer here.

How do you keep your published photos up to date?

For example, you go hiking and take pics of a waterfall. When you get home you make your edits in CO, then upload jpg's to your SmugMug site.

A couple days later you go through your catalog and add a new keyword to all your waterfall pics. Not just your most recent hike.

How do you make sure that information is updated on all your published waterfall pics?

I was thinking I'd just keep a mirror of my albums as folders, then reexport, overwrite, and reupload my pics when I make changes. But CO automatically adds a number to the end of my exports instead of overwriting the old pic. I haven't found any option to force it to overwrite...

What do you do?

I did search the forum before posting. :)

Thanks in advance.


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    pathfinderpathfinder Super Moderators Posts: 14,698 moderator

    I have been hoping a Capture One user might respond, as I do not use Capture One and have no familiarity with it.

    Your idea of a mirror folder of your albums might work - but I think you would have to delete the files on Smugmug first as Smugmug's default is not to allow images with duplicate file names.

    I think if you are deleting and then reloading files into an album or gallery, and the files that are numbered sequentially, things should work out fine waterfall 1, , waterfall 2, waterfall 3, etc.

    Seems like a lot of work if you have a lot of images on Smugmug long term. I confess, I have not tried to keep my image keywords updated.

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    jerracjerrac Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

    I've ended up switching to darktable. Still have a manual process for updating SmugMug, but if I can find time to build it, I can create a Lua script to sync with SmugMug.

    I am enjoying not having to switch to Windows to edit my photos since darktable supports Linux natively.

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