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photoman10photoman10 Registered Users Posts: 39 Big grins
I see SM has been telling users for many years now they are thinking about an integrated BLOG so none tech savvy people such as myself could have an integrated BLOG on their website to HELP SEO.

Anything I do would be a hack, and very labor intensive. You clearly have very talented code writers supporting SM, why not use them and getter done. Thousands in your customer base would love it. A blog comes standard in most hosts plans like this these days. I didn't think to even ask, I just assumed it had a blog when I signed up, now I have switched hosts and setup my site I discover this omission and it is biting me.


  • rgomezrgomez Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
    I would love to have an integrated blog. I currently do one on SmugMug but it's incredibly simple and basic. It would be great if people could easier look up articles with searches on keywords. More sophisticated formatting for blog articles.
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    I have been asking for years with no luck. Alastair Jolly on Smugmug's latest Youtube video on Tips and Tricks took a question from a viewer asking who they won't do this and he said it's not even on the radar for developing a blogging platform...he even mentioned it's something that he wants as well.

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    Blogging creates text, text gets searched, searches get found. SEO depends on frequent new connected text. Integrated blogging would help Smugmug sites rank higher in searches, and get found.

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