What's going on with my mobile site?

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Hi, I need a bit of help here, getting great results on 13" screen and 21.5" screen in terms of how my logo and company name looks but something's going on with the mobile portrait mode, is there a way of changing this? Since I added the logo it all went messed up.

I wouldn't mind if it shows:

Tom Lewis

In that format as I know screen space is limited on phones but right know it's not usable as you will see:

Password: tomlewis888

Support has passed it onto the customisation team which could take a couple of days, hence my post here. Support did say it could be something to do with the custom css.

I am not a coder in any way so please no serious technical answers because I won't understand ;)

Landscape view is brilliant on mobile but I know most people don't really use their phones like that, I need it to look at least acceptable ;)

Thanks again,

Tom Lewis


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