Adding [Download Photo] button next to [Buy Photo] button.

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After clicking and expanding an image in a gallery you see the standard options to the top left (expand, slideshow, photo details, share, comments, download, and tools). These options are all displayed as icons. Towards the bottom left of this page a button [Buy Photo] is displayed.
I would like to create a [Download Photo] button to the left of the [Buy Photo] button for both desktop and mobile.

How is this possible and how can I customize it afterward?

I could try using my very limited CSS and HTML skills, but honestly, I don't know where to start.
Here is a link to the page in question https://www.dreamstreetportraits.com/Example/i-SzrmkrJ/A

Also, is there a way to add background and hover colours to the [Download] and [Info] buttons below the main image on the main gallery pages? Here is a link https://www.dreamstreetportraits.com/Example

Many thanks :)


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