2020 Rolex 24 - Finally!

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Thanks to the year that 2020 was, the Rolex 24 was the only auto racing event we were able to attend - we didn't even get to any airshows this year. I finally got through most of my photos from this year's Rolex. Unlike 2019, we had just about perfect weather for this year's race weekend.

1 - On Friday, they run a 4-hour race, the Michelin Pilot Challenge. It is an interesting mix of cars, from American muscle, to European sports cars, and Asian rockets.

2 - Over the past four or five years, we've gotten to know one of the Honda factory drivers, Ryan Eversley. He ran the 24 Hours a few years back with the HART Acura NSX, and this year he was driving the LA Honda World Civic Type R. His orange helmet makes it easy to spot when he's behind the wheel.

3 - Late in the race, he had a right front tire go down in the trioval, and managed to keep from hitting anything on the way back to the pits.

4 - On to the main event. The new Corvette C8.R made its debut at the Rolex.

5 - Corvettes running together in the infield section.

6 -

7 - Wax on, wax off...

8 - A pair of Acuras - Meyer Shank's NSX and a Penske DPi prototype.

9 - It's not the Rolex without the Ferris wheel!

10 -

11 - On the high banks at night.

12 -- The Penske prototypes after a night of racing.

13 - Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac prototype takes the checkered flag after a long 24 hours of racing!


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    Excellent work, John. Beautiful handling of the nightlight on # 11. It's a shame that photos can't impart the sounds and smells and overwhelming sense of motion that permeates this event. I'm glad you got this one in before everything went to hell.

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    Thank you, Tom! I appreciate it. We're waiting (not so) patiently to see what happens with next month's race.

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    Wonderful set. Those new Corvettes look spectacular. Love the night pan shot.

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    Being a Type R owner, I love seeing it on the track and although the "civilian" version of the car is much different than the race car, it's still fun to drive and with a few modifications, even more so.

    Nice work on the race photos! Especially the C8-I've started to see one or two on the road lately-I think it might be my favorite to date!

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