RESULTS: Mini Challenge #310 ...in the eye of the beholder...

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Thanks everyone for making it an interesting mini with difficult choices.

@DavidRGillespie Of your three my favorite was #2 Antoni Maceo Monument, Santiago de Cuba. There were lots of great leading lines and I appreciated the way that red plant led our eyes right into the middle of the frame.

@Cavalier Although I was captivated by the horses in #1, for me the photo would have been more effective had you used a smaller f-stop so that the farm houses in the background didn't distract so much. My favorite of your three was #2, the Station Master, lovely framing of the subject and nice b&w work.

@JAG I enjoyed the humor of your entries! Of your three I liked #2 the best - a nice shot of a very interesting piece of art.

@pegelli Such an all-around excellent set, I found it difficult to choose a favorite. All three do an excellent job of capturing the mood of the artwork, which was exactly what I was looking for. In the end, I have decided that #3 is my favorite - I love the way you've caught the solitude of that man sitting and watching the sea being a "grand sculptor". And thank you also for sharing that wonderful work by your wife - I wish that cat were at my house!

@lkbart I liked #1 but am slightly disturbed by the extremely tight crop to the left of Moses and the right of the window, but I suppose there was a good reason for that. The shot of "Rush Hour" appealed to me because of the slightly weird reflections and the inclusion of a spectator.

@grandmaR I had a big chuckle with your granddaughter's captions! From your three entries I liked the "Happy Monk" the best (although I did wonder why a baseball bat makes him happy...??? :smiley: ).

@BMW Kurt I really appreciated how you caught the expressions of the "faces" in all three sculptures. Expecially in the first two I felt the pain in their faces. And now I see that I have to visit the Biergarten in the Fuggerei to find the Greenman! If you can believe it, in my over 20 years of living here I've never visited (the restaurant yes, Biergarten, no). Wrong neighborhood, I guess.

@jayegirl A nice set of three, the first and second being my favorites. Of those tww, the Flood Wall interested me the most - I like that low angle and how the river shows its face, and how you handled the lines on the parking lot (is that what it was?).

The winners are...

Third place:
@jayegirl Flood Wall

2nd Place:

1st Place:

So Pieter, it's on to you!


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