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There is an app that I have had in Lightroom that you can upload to Smug straight from Lightroom. When it was working, it showed all our galleries, so you could put photos in the galleries in LR and upload straight from there. Now Adobe says it doesn't support it. I just wanted to ask on the forum if there is a work-around. It was soooooo easy. Uploaded keywords, titles, etc. No more searching for certain photos to put into correct galleries. All done through Lightroom.


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    Hi @SpiritVisionPhoto

    Here is a weird thing: the official download page links to version 3.1.3, installed on my computer is version of the LR plugin (via the auto-update function within LR)...so something is not quite updated here.

    So this might be a workaround for you, @SpiritVisionPhoto:
    Downgrade your Lightroom installation to 10.0 - which still supports the old version of the Smugmug plugin. Install the 3.1.3. version of the plugin from that site you found. Then go to LR's plugin manager and get the newest updates for the Smugmug Plugin, which should get you up to version After that upgrade to LR 10.1.2 (or which version you have now). It's a little through the foot into your head, but...hey better than not working at all :)

    If you need instructions on how to downgrade: my happy holidays blog posts happens to have an explanation for it - by pure accident as I needed to downgrade to make LR work for a while.

    For those who work on the Smugmug side of things: maybe you can get Adobe to fix this and show the new version?


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    I'm confused. I have the most current Lightroom Classic for Windows, version 10.1.1, and the current plugin, version, and all seems to work. I'm not real surprised the Abode page is out of date. It's been a chronic problem. But usually the SmugMug installation instructions, do work. Even if the automated approach fails, the manual approach, which downloads the plugin directly from SmugMug.com, should be fine. The whole install is nothing more than downloading the file and putting it in the right folder. Or is this a Lightroom rather than a Lightroom Classic problem?

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    @Jtring even the Smugmug instructions that you linked to, will lead you to the 3.1.3 version of the plugin, which (according to the same page is incompatible with LR CC10.1).
    I suspect you have over time updated your plugin, the same way I did. This does not cause any problems. However, new SmugMugers who want to download the plugin for the first time can only find the outdated version, and that indeed is a problem - unless you downgrade your Lightroom, install the old plugin, let it update (which it probably does without problems) and then upgrade to the new Lightroom version again.

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    edited January 17, 2021

    You are correct. I installed the plugin long ago and have been updating since. None-the-less, the download link in the manual install section of the instructions grabs the current version from SmugMug's own server. Try it. Despite SmugMug aiming the user at the simple Creative Cloud install, the manual install procedure still works for later versions of Lightroom, including the current LR 10. I've used it on other plugins.

    SmugMug does needs to work with Adobe to fix that broken Creative Cloud install though. Are any SmugMug support people watching Dgrin these days?

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