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Hi all. My first post here, suggested by the heroes at SmugMug. My gallery of 40 yr old photos taken in Khatmandu has attracted the interest of a museum in Nepal.. They want to access the photos for educational purposes... Frankly I have no problem with this, and don't expect to be paíd...
But what would peeps suggest in terms of copyright and/or recognition? I am thinking a watermark or simple © signature, applied directly in SmugMug.

Any opinions gratefully received. Merci


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    I moved this to mind your own business, as it is a more appropriate place for it to be answered.

    applying a watermark in smugmug, will not stay with the photo if you allow them to download the original photo for print or if they print directly from your smugmug gallery. It will only stay with the photo when sharing it from the gallery with a link. I would suggest that you either apply a watermark to each photo in an editor and reload to smugmug, or you can write a simple contract that if they use any photos from your gallery, they must display each photo with a credit given to you by each photo they use. You determine what the credit will say.

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