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They released African Oryx into the wild in Southern NM 50 years or so ago. Always a thrill to se one.


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    I believe that if I saw one of these in NM, I would think my eyes are failing me.
    But, Now if I see one, I will remember this post. Cool Experience, cool shots.

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    So, these are free roaming in southern New Mexico??!! I never would have believed it. I've been to Las Cruces at least a dozen times over the years, and much more than that to New Mexico, but I've never seen Oryx there.

    Wow, what a great photo op!!

    Are they usually alone or in groups, or herds, in New Mexico?

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    If you ever come back to Las Cruces and feel up for a hike, you might try Achenbach canyon. You can find it on the all trails app. Your odds are maybe 1 in 10 in spotting one. Generally speaking, the further you go back the greater the odds. I usually see them alone, but have seen groups of two or three.

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