How to remove watermark from galleries' featured images

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Is there a way to suppress the watermark when an image is used as the featured image? I know that used to be an option, but I can't find it. I still want that image to have a watermark when viewed large.

Here are some of the galleries on my home page. For some reason, one of the images doesn't have a watermark ... but it DOES when you view the photograph in Lightbox, etc. That's what I'd like. My site in case useful.

UPDATE: It turns out that 5 of my galleries lack the watermark on the featured image. All of those photographs were taken on an Olympus E-3, compared to the others that were taken with Canons. I have no idea why Olympus pics don't have watermarks, but wondering whether it's because they have a smaller resolution (3648 x 2736) compared to the Canon images (5D Mark III, 5DS R). This page says that 800 pixels is the cutoff, so suspect that's what's going on.


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    I created an unlisted gallery to put all featured photos in. I pick a photo, copy to this new gallery, and crop it square, in my case as all my featured photos are square. In a gallery, page or folder I can now browse to that photo and pick it for the featured photo. Of course, I turn of watermarks in the gallery.

    BTW, I only use this if a current photo in gallery is not appropriate

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    @allen I'll give that a try. Thank you.

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