How do I choose which photo represents my gallery on a folders page?

RobRRobR Registered Users Posts: 48 Big grins

I have galleries that are organized to sort by uploaded date descending. The galleries are included on a Galleries element on a folder page. On the folder page, the photo representing the gallery is the first photo I uploaded to it.

Specifically, the folder page is for my nature photos. I have one Galleries section that has a single gallery, "All of Nature". Below that are two other galleries, "Flowers" and "Natural Crumbs". Those two galleries have no photos of their own, instead containing photos collected from the "All of Nature" gallery. The first photo uploaded to those galleries is also the sample photo, and it so happens that the same photo appears as the sample for both "All of Nature" and "Flowers". That's dumb. I want the first photo in the gallery, which should be the latest upload, to be used as the sample. How do I do that?

The gallery can be found at .



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