RESULTS: Mini-challenge #312: Home

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Many thanks to all who participated in this mini-challenge. I really enjoyed seeing the variety of entries! It was very difficult to judge as there are so many wonderful entries here. (Note: coming back to edit a bit as yesterday was a very hectic work day for me.)

Comments on one or more photos from each of you

@shawnc These are all lovely images. Your granddaughter’s smile (while fishing in Florida) brings a smile to my face. But given this theme, my favorite is the photo of your family in Arizona. Thank you for sharing it.

@pembsphoto Such a lovely view of your hometown. Nice contrast of the sun lighting up the houses while there are dark clouds in the background. It makes me curious to see a color photo of your hometown in the springtime.

@JAG Your Pioneer Peak image is absolutely stunning! But “Our home” really appeals to me for this challenge. The warmth and “softness” of the sky is a such a lovely contrast to the cooler tones and the snow in the foreground. And the details of the cars and chicken coop "keep it real."

@pegelli I am intrigued with your winter wonderland, and would love to see a photo of it taken in the summer. But Cozy Christmas makes one feel at right at home with that fire in the fireplace and a handsome dog by the tree!

@sarasphotos You are fortunate to have such a fine view! The lighting and panorama crop of “February morning” really make this stand out for me but I also love your view that “November morning.”

@grandmaR Sharing the rag doll—something you obviously treasure from your childhood—was a unique take on this challenge. Great idea!

@Cavalier The picture of your fireplace with the white tulips on the hearth is lovely, and it definitely communicates “home” to me. The hearth and the warm color of the fireplace contribute to that feeling.

@maxphoto For this particular challenge, I am drawn to the misty sunrise as seen from your back yard. It is a lovely capture!

@lkbart I am struck by the composition of your view from the window, pulling the eye to the cat and the flowers. Very nice!

@SJOttoRodgers Great capture of the yellow-billed sapsucker with the selective focus blurring the background. It is a great example of finding something nearby to photograph and enjoy.

@DavidRGillespie I enjoyed seeing all of your entries. Great captures of the Mountain Bluet (one of my favorite flowers) and the sharp-shinned hawk. It was hard to choose a favorite, but I kept coming back to the View from your driveway. Seeing the "big picture."

It was very difficult to narrow this down! So many fine images communicating “home” in one way or another. And the very nature of this theme may have made the deliberations even more subjective than usual. I decided to choose honorable mentions from some sub-categories, and then I chose 5 finalists.

Honorable mentions
For a family photo - @shawnc Family at home in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA”
For a unique take on the challenge - @grandmaR A rag doll my godmother made me
For a “View from my window” - @lkbart Looking out the living room window

Tied for third place
@Sarasphotos “February morning”

@maxphoto “Misty sunrise in our back yard”

Tied for second place
@DavidRGillespie The View from the end of my driveway

@pegelli Cozy Christmas

First place goes to @JAG Our home (chicken coop and junk cars and all!)

Congratulations, Joyce! Looking forward to what you choose for the theme of the next challenge!

And once again, many thanks to all who took the time to think about this challenge and share your fine images!


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