In the Neighborhood of K2

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I wanted to visit Skardu for a long time, somehow during the pandemic, I was able to fly up north and witness grandeurs of this majestic valley. My journey started from domestic flight to Skardu and i was lucky to have clear weather throughout the flight and i loved clicking this majestic mountain.
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1: K2 and neighboring mountains

2: Woman and a child hike upto their village


4: Since it was an autumn trip


6: Manthal Buddah carving

7: Latch key siblings i met in Hushe village, a village leading trek to K2 and other exotic mountains

8: Kids in Saltoro Village



11: nature hot water pool is a blessing for locals who battle with extreme cold and tough life

12: A bus stop. Woman was not comfortable to pose with her child so she asked a stranger nearby to sit with her child for a click :)

13 Public transport

14: A wedding house, wedding season in valley is on peak before the snow fall

15: Siachin sector in Saltoro range is highest battlefield in the world between India and Pakistan.

16: life of locals is quite tough, saw many woman and children walking and hiking for miles to reach their homes, a daily routine

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