Uploading video from Sony RX100 II in mts format

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I've uploaded videos from my Sony RX100 II. When I view in Chrome, they have a red cast and look horrible. When I access on my phone via the smugmug app, they seem ok though. Why would this happen?


Also, is it recommended that I convert the format from mts to something else? Or is it ok as-is, will smugmug allow me to view and save this type file for years to come in this format? I had saved some format photo years ago in smugmug, and later wasn't able to view, so I'm worried.

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    I viewed that video in multiple browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chrome mobile), but I'm not seeing any red tint in any browser. I'm not sure why that's happening for you in Chrome, but you may want to check a few other browsers as well. If you are only seeing the issue in Chrome, you might trying quitting/restarting Chrome, rebooting your computer/device, and also checking to see what browser Extensions you are using in Chrome. It's possible some extension you are using could be causing the color shift.

    SmugMug can accept files in most popular video formats, including mts, mp4, mov, avi, etc. But, we don't store your videos in their original size/file type. All videos uploaded to SmugMug are converted to mp4 format and are optimized for online streaming. You would be able to download a display version of the video up to 1080p resolution, but you won't be able to download the original mts file in the future.

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    Thank you! So there isn't any reason for me to convert it to any other format myself when posting to Smugmug? And if I want to save my videos in original format, I should find another location to save them, although I 'd at least be able to view and download from here in a smaller resolution into the future. I use Smugmug to store my photos, deleting them them from my computer to save space, but sounds like videos I might want to keep or find other place to store. Does this all sound right? Thanks so much.

    Thank you for the advice about the red cast. I still see it when I click above but I will try rebooting. I don't see it in any other browsers so far and you don't either, so I'm sure it's fine, thank you.

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    You don't necessarily need to convert videos before uploading to SmugMug, as long as they're in a format we can accept. But, you could try that as an option to see if that has any effect on the red cast you are seeing in your browser.

    Since SmugMug doesn't store the original video file at this time, you may want to back up those original videos in another location.

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