Corel AfterShot Pro - Versions 3 - 3.4 - 3.5 - 3.7 and Canon

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I purchased Corel AfterShot Pro (ASP) Version 3 some time ago, and RAW files worked fine from my EOS 5 Mark II, EOS 5 Mark III, EOS 5 Mark IV, and EOS 80D bodies. But then I purchased an EOS M50, and I was disappointed that it's CR3 RAW files were not supported by Corel ASP.

I checked the Corel online list of supported cameras today and was flabbergasted that the M50 still appeared to be missing from the list, but ... when I googled the Corel User Groups I found a reference that seemed to indicate the M50 "was" finally supported, but you had to use the "Get More" tab and facility built into Corel ASP 3 itself.

Long story short, I have a solution for many newer Canon cameras which are supported under Corel ASP version

First, make sure you can get online with the computer running an earlier version of Corel ASP version 3. Start Corel ASP and go to Help and then "Check for Updates". Let the software proceed with the update process, if necessary.
Gracefully shut down Corel ASP and then start it again.

On the far right of the default Corel ASP user interface see the tabs, starting with the "Standard" tab at the top. Scroll down if needed until you see the red star and "Get More" tab. Left-Click on the tab and look for "Camera Profiles", which should be at the top. After that are the camera Manufacturer names, and you may have to click on them to open the list of cameras to load.

In the case of Canon CR3 RAW file cameras, they should be at the bottom of the list, and may have a red star by them.

This is what I see:

  1. Is the Get More tab.
  2. Is the line for the selected camera, in my case the EOS M50. Click on the camera and you should see a dropdown with any special version information.
  3. Is where you click to start downloading the particular camera profile, which I previously did.

Now shut down and restart Corel ASP again to register the camera profile with the program and you should be good to go.

These are the newer Canon CR3 RAW file cameras I see supported now:
EOS M6 Mark II
EOS 250D
EOS Rebel SL3
EOS 850D
EOS Rebel T8i
Powershot G3 X

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