Auto sorting without Smart Galleries?

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Hi - Is there a way to auto sort in monthly folders without using Smart Galleries/Rules? I have been lax about keeping my photos neatly organized, and have several large galleries that are arranged by year (just one big year, not month/year.) My goal is to break them up into monthly galleries. However, those monthly galleries already exist. I don't want to just collect the images in the monthly galleries using Smart Rules, I want to physically move the photos, limiting the different places that each photo appears. Just not sure if there's a way to sort them easily, rather than having to check the date taken on all photos.

Is there a way to search and pull up photos taken during a specific time frame, and then move those photos into the proper folder?

I fully expect this to take a lot of work and time, so any suggestions to streamline the process would be welcome.



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    This shouldn't be that hard to do manually. Go to your whole-year gallery and hit the "Organize Gallery" button to view it in the Organizer. At the box near the upper right, select "Sort by Date Taken". Now all the January photos are together; all the February photos are together, and so on. You need to find the breaks. Go back the photo site view and go though the pictures in the lightbox with Photo Details showing. Make note of the last January photo, the last February photo and so on. Now go back to the Organizer. Expand the folder tree at the left so both the entry for the whole year gallery and the entries for the month galleries show. Select the whole year gallery over there so all of that year's photos show in the main area at the right. Select all the January photos: click the first one and shift-click the last January one. Now just drag these to the label for the January gallery in the folder tree at the left. When a pop-up box appears with options to move or collect, select move. Now repeat for February, and so on. That not automated, but it's probably not too painful a manual process.

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    @Jtring Thanks! I didn't think there was an easy way to view with the date info showing, so this will help.

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