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Odd question, but an affirmative answer would be oh so helpful: Is there a way to have the number of a photo (say 15/143 from the gallery) visible when the thumbnails are used to buy multiple photos? My elderly mother has given me a long list of photos (near 50) she would like me to purchase for her from a recent shoot I did at a friend's anniversary celebration, but she's listed them all by their number. Can I as an owner of the gallery make those numbers visible to me when I go to put them in a cart via the "buy multiple photos" route? Thanks in advance!


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    Hi, Sorry but that numbering system will only show up in a gallery when that gallery is using the SmugMug gallery style. There isn't a way to have those also show up in that 'buy multiple photos' section.

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    Well darn. For the record, this would be a nice addition.

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