Repair services for Canon lenses

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Hi all
I have a much loved Canon EF 24-70/2,8L which I have been using since 2006.
Along these years it has already undergone few repairs, due to bumps and falls.
Last time I sent it for maintenance in 2015 at an official Canon service in Italy, I was told that since the lens was not anymore in production it could have been very difficult to find spare parts; but they managed to fix the problems anyway.
I'm sure now, six years later, spare parts are even more difficult to find, if not impossible.
The lens has now serious focusing issues.
But I've always known that small independent repair services can often achieve what the big official players are not interested in anymore.
So I'm asking if you may know of any of those passionate repairers (in US and Europe) who could make the miracle to bring back to life an object which I'm very fond of.
Thanks in advance for the help



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