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Hi all,

Is there a way to restrict search to searching the specific gallery the viewer is in, instead of the entire Smugmug community? I just started adding keywords to all my photos in a client's private gallery, thinking the client then would be able to quickly find all photos related to "condiments", or "olives". But instead, when I type these words into the gallery's search box, I get thousands of photos pulled from the entirety of Smugmug. This doesn't make much sense, why would I have a search box on my Smugmug site that leads the searcher away from my website? Is there a solution to this I am not aware of?


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    Logged in click the magnifying glass on the upper right. Enter keyword and only those in gallery show.

    I had to add a "search box" to the gallery page for visitors not logged in.

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    Is there any way to turn the Search Box into a simple Magnifying Glass? Here is an example, top right:
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    You would need to reach out to our customizing specialists to see if they have code that can make that magnifying glass option. [email protected]

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