RESULTS: Mini Challenge #315 - "People working in public"

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Thank you to all you that entered this challenge,
I enjoyed every entry even the ones not for consideration.

Here are the results for the top 3

THIRD place:
It reminds me of the quiet before the Battle with all those supply for the men on the Fire line.
Workers on the pop-up outdoor Supplies Warehouse for the American Wildfire Base Camp

SECOND place:
Timing is everything, this one made me laugh.
A set painter working on the "Magic Flute" production at the open air stage in Bregenz, Austria several years ago.

...and the FIRST PLACE goes to ....
3. The Ice Man Cometh
This shoot it is so well done that I can feel the heat of the day, it brings me back to those early days of my childhood with the grainy look, the cars and pale colors.
Thank you it is one I could not stop admiring, it really spoke to me

Good job everyone


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