The Night Demon...

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I was actually looking for spiders late last night, but there were none to seen (was hoping for an early orb weaver of some sort) so no luck there, but I did find a wasp on the apple tree. Not sure what wasps usually do at night - or where they normally go (to sleep?) but she was quite a way inside the branches of the tree which meant some cropping required (and some aggressive NR to keep the background under control). Came out pretty well in the end but she is one of our more feared insects, and not one I like to meet by day, let alone as a night demon...


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    Lovely series Paul.
    Wouldn't call her a demon though- she's a poor lonely Queen just come out of hibernation and now has to start building a nest, laying eggs and feeding larvae all by herself until some of the workers mature.

    Brian V.

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    Cheers Brian.

    I got the idea for the title from an old B&W movie called Night of the Demon starring Dana Andrews, where a scary monster appeared from the dark night sky and did someone in!


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