More "greens"

El GatoEl Gato Global TrekkerRegistered Users Posts: 809 Major grins

A nod to Tom and strengthening the "great minds, think alike" saying.

Shot on an off-the-beaten-path, back road in Kauaʻi....

Love all the "greens."


  • black mambablack mamba Major grins Jacksonville, FLRegistered Users Posts: 7,500 Major grins
    edited April 6, 2021

    Boy, Al, you have my vote. You just can't have too much green. Glad you took the backroad.

    I always wanted to lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace. Cracker Barrel didn't take kindly to it.
  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am San Jose, CARegistered Users Posts: 8,182 Major grins

    Wonderful! Island breeze just him me in the face. I so want to get out of here and be in a place like that

  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Registered Users Posts: 2,323 Major grins

    Good colors.

    It is better to die on you feet than to live on your knees.....Emiliano Zapata
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