Delicate, fragile, blue, green, yellow, spherical, translucent, floating, ephemeral...

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    Very interesting and artistic. I like it.

    Have you "titled" it yet? Eternity? Portal? Wheel in the sky? Beyond?

    I could definitely see this image super sized, I mean big and hung in the atrium of a hotel or office building.

    Very nice work Cristóbal!

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    Excellent, but too centered for my taste

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    Different and very nice. There are times when the central subject....or, in this case the only best if centered in the image. I think this is one of those times.

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    It's intriguing and pleasantly novel. I hope you never lose that adventurous streak. :)

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    I’m glad you liked it, I was out for a walk yesterday and this guy was making bubbles for kids in a park. I took several shots with and without additional context and liked this one.

    Will I did try other positions of the bubble in the frame but settled for this in your face kind of approach.

    The pic was taken with my phone.

    Thanks for looking!

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    @Cavalier said:
    Beautifully done! I love it.

    Thank you Jo!

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