Canon r5 back focusing - micro AF adjustment missing???

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I have a brand new Canon R5. I noticed a horrible back focusing with my 35mm 1.4 Mark I. lens.
I have tried to micro-adjust focusing but apparently there is no option for micro-adjust AF in the menu... ?????
Anybody facing the same problem????


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    All of the current Canon mirrorless cameras use Dual-Pixel CMOS AF on the imaging sensor. Micro-Adjust is only required when there is a separate AF sensor, as in a D-SLR.

    If the AF mode, AF size and AF position settings are correctly set and the camera is used properly, there should not be AF problems.

    What AF mode are you using, One-Shot AF or Servo AF? (I recommend One-Shot AF for general work and Servo AF for Sports and BIF and similar.)
    What AF Method? (I recommend Spot AF and 1-Point AF for greatest precision in One-Shot mode.)
    Please also list the other pertinent AF settings you use.

    Avoid using focus and recompose when possible.
    Do be aware that AF can be affected by backgrounds with higher contrast than the subject matter.
    Backgrounds with reflective elements can be particularly problematic, and you may wish to switch to manual focus and enable Focus Peaking instead.

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    The R5 has this problem only with this lens. All my other lenses work well. Strange. The lens work well on my 5d mark 4.

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