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Hi all,

I am currently building my SmugMug website and have added a contact form with
I used the following instructions on this page:

The form works and sends messages to my chosen email address.
I am using a custom email address that I set up with GoDaddy, this shares the same domain to my SmugMug page. This email address uses Microsoft Outlook Online; I have linked it to my Gmail account so that all incoming mail for the Outlook Address automatically arrive in my Gmail inbox as well. Gmail is my primary and preferred email platform; I have created labels within Gmail that I use effectively as folders to organise emails with the recipients, respective projects and different action lists.

I asked several friends to each send a test email with the same subject/message body via the contact form, as well as sending my own test emails from other various personal Gmail addresses. The test emails I sent myself arrived successfully to both my Outlook and Gmail inboxes.
In the Gmail inbox my test emails registered as being from different senders (ie. my different email addresses) but both also came labelled as having sent via the contact form.

When it comes to the test emails sent from my friends, they arrived successfully in both my Outlook/Gmail inboxes - but in the Gmail inbox appeared as within the same email thread. I could reply to each email separately, but the fact that multiple emails - all unrelated except for the fact they have been sent via the contact form - arrive in the same email chain is incredibly confusing, and something I envisage becoming problematic long term.

Does anybody have any experience with a similar issue before; or any experience using as a form provider? I hope I have provided sufficient detail here, as this is something I would very much like to get straightened out before I launch my website.

Thanks in advance,
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