Is there an easy way to review and delete pictures from smart galleries?

MortimercatMortimercat Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins

I use Smugmug to store the images from my nature cams. I create a new gallery for each day and go through each snapshot, adding a label according to the species I caught. This procedure allows me, using Smart rules, to have a gallery for each species. A couple of species have broken the 1000 smart gallery limit, so I plan to have a bit of a tidy.

The problem I face is that I want to review my smart pigeon gallery and delete the worst of the blurred, partially hidden, and rear-end pictures. But deleting from the smart gallery does not remove the original photo, and I want to remove it forever!

The best technique I have so far is to add a "delete me" label which lets me quickly scan and flag the pictures, but it is still a pain having to find each original to delete.

Has anyone found a better way to review and tidy up their pictures in a smart gallery? Have I missed something?

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