Is there an easy way to review and delete pictures from smart galleries?

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I use Smugmug to store the images from my nature cams. I create a new gallery for each day and go through each snapshot, adding a label according to the species I caught. This procedure allows me, using Smart rules, to have a gallery for each species. A couple of species have broken the 1000 smart gallery limit, so I plan to have a bit of a tidy.

The problem I face is that I want to review my smart pigeon gallery and delete the worst of the blurred, partially hidden, and rear-end pictures. But deleting from the smart gallery does not remove the original photo, and I want to remove it forever!

The best technique I have so far is to add a "delete me" label which lets me quickly scan and flag the pictures, but it is still a pain having to find each original to delete.

Has anyone found a better way to review and tidy up their pictures in a smart gallery? Have I missed something?



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    Smart galleries automatically collect photos based on the smart gallery rules. There's not a way to remove just specific photos from a Smart gallery, as if the rules you've set still trigger, the images would just be brought back into the gallery again. The only way to remove photos from Smart galleries would be to either:

    1) Remove the rule that is bringing the photos in
    2) Add additional rules that would exclude the photos in question
    3) Delete the images from the gallery that contains the original versions of the photos
    4) Edit the images in question so that the Smart Rules you've specified won't trigger for that image (for example, removing a keyword from the photo that is set in a Smart gallery rule).
    5) Move the images from the original gallery to a Private gallery. Smart galleries won't collect images from Private galleries.

    I hope this helps!

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    Smugmug needs to reconsider the 1000 image limit for smart and keyword galleries. It doesn't fit with unlimited storage. Sure, we can store all the images we want, but we can only display a limited number. It destroys site functionality.


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    edited June 22, 2021

    I've been forced to split up certain keywords to solve the 1000 limit.
    Used a smart gallery to check count for each year
    example: 1 of 9 KW bird galleries. Next hurdle is my family galleries.
    Combined years to stay under 1000.

    yardbirds_2008_and_earlier   906
    yardbirds_2009_10            537
    yardbirds_2011_12            669
    yardbirds_2013_14            883
    yardbirds_2015_17            652
    yardbirds_2018_19            540
    yardbirds_2020_up            415

    These are keyword galleries not smart galleries.
    I use smart galleries for families.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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