Organize page stuck on "loading"

WirenWiren WirenRegistered Users Posts: 741 Major grins

Not sure if this is the right space for this issue. Over the last couple of days, when I go to my "Organize" page, it is stuck on "loading" and nothing loads. I am trying to create a new gallery in a folder, but I cannot as the tool bar at top is missing and the square wheel keeps spinning. Problem started after some site wide customization on my sports page to add new galleries to the header link. I am using my MacBook Pro. Site is

Lee Wiren


  • WirenWiren Wiren Registered Users Posts: 741 Major grins

    Oh, also, when I am logged in to my site, the galleries appear blank. But when I am logged off and viewing site as a visitor, all appears fine.

    Lee Wiren
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