RESULTS: Mini "Challenge # 319 "Bicycles"

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Thanks for all who enetered, a nice diverse set of entries
First some comments:

@Cavalier , I especially liked the Reno Police shot, must be very safe there. As a viewer you really get pulled into this shot to look further than the two broad backs
@JAG , I like the eerie processing of the first and the Florida one could even be somewhere in Asia.
@sarasphotos , yes I knew you were up to this challenge, I think we both share the love for cycling (and fortunately our significant others too ;) ). The Paris shot is special but for me the Chambord picnic takes the cake. So typical of many of our bike tours. Enjoy your vacation and the cycle tours you'll make!
@grandmaR , nice set, I especially like your two film shots where the first is very high on my cute-o-meter. The muted colours and slightly soft film image just make it a top shot for me.
@DavidRGillespie, I would have allowed one wheelers, just forgot to mention this flexibility in the brief. Nice diversity in your shots and I liked how you put the cycles in a larger context, especially the one on the lock door. Not a place where you would normally expect a lot of bicycles.

And now the hard part, picking my favourite(s)

Third place goes to @Cavalier for "Reno police on bicycles"
Second place goes to @JAG for "Abandoned", great processing and very fitting for the scene

And the winner is @grandmaR with "First tricycle", everything just fits together in that photo, the excited adorable little kid, soft colours, film rendering, the nice summer day atmosphere. I was taken by this image as soon as you posted it here so congrats and well deserved.

@grandmaR said:
1. First tricycle

Looking forward what you will challenge us with for the next mini :)

Pieter, aka pegelli
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    There were so many really good photos that I really didn't expect to even get an HM. Thank you very much. And especially for recognizing the differences that come with using film. Sometimes I get dinged because the film photos look different from the digital ones. That child is now 60 years old and she does 100 mile bike rides and triathlons. I have several photos of her taken that day - this is another. I don't know what she is crying about.

    I'll try to think of something for the next mini

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    Thank you Pieter @pegelli for a well run challenge and for the second placement in the challenge! Congrats to @grandmaR for the first place win! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Also congrats to @Cavalier for your third runner up!

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    Congratulations to GrandmaR for first place! As Pieter said, the image is just so complete, it is a joy to look at. Congrats to @JAG and @Cavalier for second and third. Looking forward to the next challenge

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    Thank you David. I thought it was sort of cheating to use a photo of a cute child (or animal). But I couldn't resist.

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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