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I guess one thing to emerge (or gain in popularity in my area) from Covid is the "micro-wedding". For those who don't know what this is (I didn't), it is a very small, basically no-frills wedding. For one flat price, the bride and groom secured the venue for a two-hour block of time, they were limited to 20 guests, and the venue provided everything except the photographer. The venue did all the decorations, provided the cake, champagne, flowers, and bubbly send-off. We couldn't arrive at the venue one-minute early and we were (very politely) ushered home at the end of the two-hour time frame. I don't normally do weddings as my interests lie elsewhere, but I could do micro-weddings!! Short, sweet, and no hassle!!

Here are some of my favorites from Toya and Steve's wedding at the Silo & Oak..











  1. They wanted a pic of all the guests.

  2. The cake








Sherry P.


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    Sherry, wow! 2 hours for everything?
    Doesn't leave any room for errors and surprises!

    It looks like you got it covered. Bravo! :)

    One question,
    I do wonder about image 13? (Bride and groom eating cake.)
    It looks like either a fast-shutter-speed issue (faster shutter speed than flash sync) or perhaps something above the flash may have partially blocked the flash? If you can't explain the somewhat dark upper-frame, you need to test the shutter carefully and if the problem reappears it could be a defective shutter or a flash-sync problem.

    Please don't take my query as an indictment. You did solid work for this couple and I stand by my Bravo assessment.

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    Ziggy, thanks for your comment. It doesn't bother me. I almost didn't post that picture because it's not a technically great image, even though I still think it's a fun picture. For as nice as this little venue is, they set the cake up in a VERY dark corner and everyone was trying to crowd around to see. I didn't think I'd be able to get any shot there with the cramped space and all the people around. I think someone may have been standing in front of my flash, but I'm not sure. (I had it set up off camera.) The other pictures I took around this time don't look like that one, so I think it might be a one-off. The cake was in a tiny space and a lot of people were around.

    This little wedding was such a whirlwind from start to finish. This is an example of why it's good to have a plan. I had talked with the bride several times to insure that I knew what pictures she wanted. I even had a printed list that I carried with me, but in reality, once I got there it was BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. There was no time to consult a list and there was no time to be creative. The venue staff had a schedule and by golly they were keeping it! Still, after it was over, I think I still managed to get every shot they wanted. Weddings are definitely not my specialty, so I look at the final products and see plenty of room for improvement.

    Thank you again for commenting!

    Sherry P.

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    Thank you, Josh!

    Sherry P.

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