Class of 2021 Senior Pics

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I didn't have quite as many seniors as last year, but I sure felt busier for some reason. Here are a couple of my favorites from each of my seniors this year. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated as I'm always looking to improve.

  1. Kaylee: Kaylee wanted her senior pics in the bluebonnets. These may be some of my favorites!

  1. Sebastian

  1. Stephanie

  1. Caitlyn (We had a LOT of rain in Texas this spring. It was pouring the day we had scheduled her pictures, so we moved inside which is never as much fun.)

  1. Jimmy (Another inside session on another rainy day)

  1. Brandon

  1. Twins Joshua and Arabelle

  1. Whitney

  1. Isaac (Another rainy day)

  1. Julian

  1. Post-graduation waterfall shoot: This was an impromptu session that was a lot of fun! Features Kaylee, Stephanie, and Jimmy

Thanks for looking and again, thanks for your feedback!

Sherry P.


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    Hi, Sherry. I don't shoot people in the manner in which you do. Mainly because I'm not very good at it. I'll scan this sub-forum occassionaly and I'll generally check the posting if I see it's from you. I like your work. Even though I don't shoot your " world " , I feel I can usually benefit from looking at the works of folks who are good at what they do....regardless of their penchants. There are a couple of outdoor shots here that might benefit from a slight adjustment in contrast and/or saturation. I mean slight. I think you do a superb job with skin tones. Thanks for sharing these.


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    Thank you so much, Tom! It is quite the compliment when another photographer says they will look at a posting if it's from me. That made my day!

    I still have a LOT to learn about shooting people (or photography in general, really). I kind of fell into my niche of band kids because my daughter was in band, they needed pics, and I had a camera. Once I started, I've just kept at it. The pics from the first couple of years were pretty bad, so I'm happy to say I have vastly improved since then!

    I always appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you for taking time to comment.

    Sherry P.

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    Wow, these are really good sets Poses are all great. Love the first set in the flowers and the waterfall shots are amazing. Is that an actual waterfall? Or an elaborate fountain? It looks almost too perfect to be real. In terms of critique, I agree with Tom that a couple of these could use a bit more love in exposure control and white balance. Also, my own personal preference is to shoot a little lower so you're not shooting down at your subject. That will make them appear larger and fill the frame better.

    Those nits are easy to fix and/or adjust in future shoots. But I can tell you've got a great connection with your subjects and that is the best skill for a portrait photographer of all.

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    Thank you so much kdog! The wildflower shots are my favorites as well. The light was perfect and so were the setting and the senior. :)

    Yes, it is an actual waterfall, albeit not a huge one. Here's a senior pic from 2020 at the same location (but not actually in the water). The waterfall is about 7-8 feet high on a creek in a local park. The water is only about knee-deep in the creek and the water is very clear. I've taken pictures at this location before, but this was the first time that the seniors were willing to actually get in the water and splash around. It was a very fun shoot!

    I appreciate the critique about the editing. I am TERRIBLE with the editing, so I tend to do very little adjusting since I don't really know what I'm doing. I keep trying to learn and improve my skills, so your comments will help me for future shoots. Thank you so much.

    Sherry P.

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