Class of 2021 Senior Pics

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I didn't have quite as many seniors as last year, but I sure felt busier for some reason. Here are a couple of my favorites from each of my seniors this year. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated as I'm always looking to improve.

  1. Kaylee: Kaylee wanted her senior pics in the bluebonnets. These may be some of my favorites!

  1. Sebastian

  1. Stephanie

  1. Caitlyn (We had a LOT of rain in Texas this spring. It was pouring the day we had scheduled her pictures, so we moved inside which is never as much fun.)

  1. Jimmy (Another inside session on another rainy day)

  1. Brandon

  1. Twins Joshua and Arabelle

  1. Whitney

  1. Isaac (Another rainy day)

  1. Julian

  1. Post-graduation waterfall shoot: This was an impromptu session that was a lot of fun! Features Kaylee, Stephanie, and Jimmy

Thanks for looking and again, thanks for your feedback!

Sherry P.

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