wrapping for Text block on mobile

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For a certain text block, I have the text set to Centered. That's good for desktop. But on mobile, the text breaks into 2 lines, with the 2nd line Centered, so that the first character in the 2nd line does not align on the left with the first character of the 1st line.

So I'd like to keep Centered for desktop, but some customization or CSS or workaround so that when mobile is detected, both lines of the text align Left.

Here is the page:


You can see that on desktop, the text "Here is a sampler of my photography, with 10 categories and 10 pictures in each category." fits on one line and looks good. But on mobile, when it breaks into 2 lines, the 2nd line would look better if it aligned left with the 1st line.


  • blouieblouie Registered Users Posts: 77 Big grins

    Maybe CSS that provides this: "for mobile devices, override Center option on Text blocks and left-adjust instead",

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