Cannot change email due to Username

Mike_ZMike_Z Registered Users Posts: 19 Big grins
edited August 11, 2021 in Dgrin Forum Support

I am changing my email today, and it need me to input password, after that, it give me a warning that says my usename is not the correct format which I have been using for some years.
But, I cannot change the usename.
So how can I change my email now? Looks like a dead loop.



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    RichardRichard Administrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,908 moderator

    I changed your username to Mike_Z to appease the software gods. I think you should be able change your email now, but if you run into problems, send me a PM with the new address and I'll make the change for you. Also if you prefer some other username, I can make that change as well. Sorry for all the hassle.

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    Mike_ZMike_Z Registered Users Posts: 19 Big grins

    Hi, Richard:
    I have changed email well. Thanks!
    BTW, your photo website is great.


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