Mini Challenge #322 - People & Cargo movers on Air, Land and Water - RESULTS

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Thank you all for your terrific entries in this mini. So many good entries make for a difficult judging.

@JAG - I like the color combination and mood of the police transport in Guatemala - intimidating to say the least! Your tram shot has an ethereal feel to it that I love, and I'm a fan of BW done this well.

@grandmaR - Thanks for the shots of the three transportation types, and as well as the varied locations of the world. My favorite is (of course) your classic car. The helicopter showing multiple people squeezed in that little space was well done.

@sarasphotos - Well, Sara, once again I am a lost as to which of yours is my favorite. The evening shot of the tram in front of the Place De La Bourse in Bordeaux is spectacular, and upon zooming into the shot, I see that there are people on the tram. I can't help but love the tour boat with Notre Dame as a backdrop! And then there's the vanishing point of the trams.

@pegelli - Peter, found the replica of the WWI tank well done and interesting and it looks capable enough to be used in the next war as well. The shot of the loaded container ships together is well done and probably not often seen that close on the high seas. I assume this was coming into or just leaving port?

@Gatto - the nostalgic photo of the train honoring George H.W. Bush with all the people there to honor him is special. Both planes are well done, but I favor the Southwest plane shot - the colors are great and the fact that it shows the Jet wash/wake and the plane in a takeoff position really shows the action.

OK, for the results:

Third place - @Gatto for the Southwest plane takeoff action.

Second place - @Jag for the Tram photo. I can't tell if there are people in it, but It's hard to pass up such a beautiful BW shot.

First Place - @sarasphotos for the Tram and station in front of the Place De La Bourse in Bordeaux

Congratulations and Sara - you're on point for the next Mini!


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    Thank you for a very challenging mini. It was fun to figure out the three transportation types. The helicopter shot was from the deck of a cruise ship - three different helicopters buzzed us as we were leaving Baltimore harbor. Two TV news helicopters and one police helicopter. I don't remember why

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    Thank you for a well run challenge Jo! ( @Cavalier ) Although I have to say, the tram shot was done in color. There is no manipulation done to it at all! When you are deep in the forest and it is pouring rain, as it is in this shot, color is basically washed out!! It turned out really surreal. Regardless, thank you for the runner up position. Congrats to @sarasphotos for her first place win and to @Gatto for 3rd place. I look forward to the next challenge.

  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 2,815 Major grins

    @JAG - Oops, my bad about the BW shot. No matter - it's beautiful!

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,267 Major grins

    Wow Jo, thanks so much for choosing me for the win. Also congratulations to @JAG & @Gatto for the 2nd & 3rd place entries. I'll have the next mini up shortly.

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