Multiple password protected items on same page

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Hi SmugMuggers,

I wonder how I could accomplish the following use case:

I have a Folder, inside of which I have a Page and a Gallery. I want to

  • direct visitors to /Folder/Page as the entry point
  • display contents of /Folder/Gallery on this page
  • have all of these protected by the same password

I have protected /Folder as "Visibility: Anyone" and set access to "Only people with password", and using the same for /Folder/Page and /Folder/Gallery

On /Folder/Page, I have a single image from /Folder/Gallery as title image, and another content block to display /Folder/Gallery in a Grid.

Once I navigate in private mode to /Folder/Page, I am asked for the password and am allowed to enter. The title image is displayed as well, but the Gallery is not.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this even supported?

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