Links, menu, breadcrumb: how to keep your visitor from wondering...

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hopefully, this has not been asked and answered a million times. Sorry for my poor English.
I separate my projects by FOLDER and have new collaborators in each project.
What I want is to put specific links in every gallery inside a folder/project without giving the visitor any way to wander elsewhere. Problem is: the a gallery I share on the web page of project B may come from project A, in which case the breadcromb will not be what I like (and the Menu is the same for the whole site, so not good for this).
Can I create a new gallery setting for a specific folder, with its own menu?


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    This sounds like it might need to have our Support Heroes take a look to understand and give the most appropriate response while having access to the account. Write to them, [email protected] with the details of the concern and let them take a look.

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