Monopod recommendations

BlueHoseJacketBlueHoseJacket Registered Users Posts: 509 Major grins

I just bought a Sigma 150-600 Sport lens weighing about 6 lbs. it will mount on my Canon 5D marklll. . What is an affordable monopod to hold about 10lbs. Looking to spend $100-150.


  • paddler5paddler5 Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
    I've used an Oben CTM-2500,, for years and have been entirely satisfied. It will handle the weight, and its within your budget. However, if you want a tilt head on it (I don't know that you would need it), that complicates matters. A lot of tilt heads won't handle the weight, and the ones that do would push you a bit over your budget.
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