How did you find photography perfection

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I've been snapping photos of family, vacations, landscapes, sports everything for years. I have improved but not to the level I would like. I have read every photo book I could find, talked to other photographers and practiced every week. I can't afford to do a degree course in photography but maybe there are shorter online course guaranteed to produce stunning results. Sort of like Harvard reputation in a photography course.

Please share what did you do to jump from just OK to brilliance in your photography?



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    Brilliance? Perfection? Naw!

    I'm fully retired, after 31 years as a corporate product photographer. When that company was bought by another company, they contracted me for awhile, and then I started doing freelance photography and video work until retirement.

    Now I get to do what I want, when I want, and how I want.

    ... But I'm still learning, still growing and ever diligent against thinking about perfection.

    • Develop your passion.
    • Find your style, and your workflow.
    • Learn about the latest and greatest, but never forget the basics.
    • Embrace the "happy accidents".

    Constantly, incessantly, obsessively, strive for personal improvement.

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