Slime Mould Linbladia tubulina in Compost Bin

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This is the same colony I found last year (a search will find my posts). It has put out this colony extension in the same position on the bin wall as where the main one was last year. This year there are more sub-colonies and the main one is more extensive. Some individual, white fruiting bodies are starting to form in the small ones.

The sub-colony was about 25cm wide and the working distance was about 20cm. I had to hold the camera at about compost surface level and use the upturned rear screen. Getting the plane of focus flat was even more difficult that focusing.

I have posted this image because of the range of detail.

Olympus EM-1 (manual mode), Laowa 7.5 mm at f11, "Low ISO" single flash (-3), using just the spillage of light off to one side, all to prevent burn-out.

The last time I tried to upload another such image at another host site I had to reduce the quality from 12 to 8 to get the file size accepted.


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