How do I change my profile cover photo?

GWScottGWScott Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins
OK .. I'm brand new here. I just signed up for my 14-day trial because I need a website to display and sell my photos. I was hoping this would be a smooth process. However, right off the bat I am stumped. When initiating the site, I chose a photo for my profile cover. But once I looked at it, I didn't like the photo I chose and now I want to change it. So ... I would expect to find a button that says something like "Edit Cover Photo" (seems logical right?). But the only buttons I find are to (1) move the profile block, (2) set its dimensions, (3) choose some options (among which the option to change the photo does not exist), and (4) delete the entire profile block.

Can someone please tell me how to change the photo for the profile block on the home page?

Thank you.


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