How about a Milky Way with a glowing distant volcano?

JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Registered Users Posts: 1,065 Major grins

Took the a1 out for a spin 2 nights ago. First time using this camera for astro work, just taking my time, putting it through different uses before it gets permanently adopted into the fold.

This particular mission was about testing resolution and noise at high ISO. This frame was shot @ ISO 10,000, with LENR set to ON. Some have called Sony's noise removal 'star eater', but I would wager that's a misnomer. I can't imagine wanting MORE stars in the pic. In fact, when I do deep sky imaging, I actually remove some stars to make the target celestial object stand out more.

This image was taken from the southeast side of Maui, with Big Island in the distance. You can see the glow from Kilauea, considered the most active volcano in the world (although maybe not any longer, compared to the nordic eruptions we've seen lately).


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    GlostarsGlostars Registered Users Posts: 6 Big grins

    This photo gave me a new sense of perspective. Amazing.

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    David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,209 moderator

    I'm glad you got some foreground in there. That's a nice exposure of the M.W. Is that city glow in the background horizon or a thunderstorm?

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    JuanoJuano Registered Users Posts: 4,884 Major grins

    I like this, if mine I would cool and darken the sky and brighten the foreground a bit. Superb milky way shot and volcano on top of it!

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