Stinkhorn Fungus "Eggs"

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I found these yesterday, on a well-rotted tree trunk on the ground, in local woods. The mature fungus has a foul smell of decay to attract flies which then distribute its spores. These are actually edible and a sought-after delicacy. They were in a reserve so were photographed in situ and left where I found them. They are popularly known as "Witches Eggs" or "Devil's Eggs".

They were about the size of ping-pong ball and looked much like the texture of turtle eggs.

They were pure white so I have darkened the images considerably to show detail.

The stereo is crosseye.

Olympus EM-1, (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, 1/60 at f8 ISO 1250, hand-held.



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