Add unlisted galleries to the iOS App for Friends and Family

Mathias PohlMathias Pohl Beginner grinnerRegistered Users Posts: 5 Big grins

Is there any chance to add / view unlisted galleries using the iOS SmugMug App?

Help says

„Perfect for Friends, Family, and Your Fans
With this app, everyone in your circle wins, too. Since you don’t need a SmugMug account to use it, the app is perfect for your mom, dad, in-laws, best friend, or even for your growing fan base.
Have them grab the app for free and add your SmugMug nickname. They can then browse and see what’s new in your galleries, and add their favorite galleries to the app’s home screen for one-tap viewing.“

So, how can Friends and Families use the app with unlisted galleries?

Thanks, Mathias.



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