Tiger Swallowtail

4huskers4huskers Beginner grinnerTexasRegistered Users Posts: 5 Big grins
In our garden Keller, TX


  • pathfinderpathfinder Drive By Digital Shooter western IndianaSuper Moderators Posts: 14,658 moderator

    Welcome to dgrin, 4huskers.

    Can you post a bigger image so that we can really see it here on dgrin, rather than just the link?

    I love swallowtails and have photographed dozens and dozens over the years, so I really do like swallowtails, and look forward to seeing your image.

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  • 4huskers4huskers Beginner grinner TexasRegistered Users Posts: 5 Big grins

    I just saw your response. I tried to post the image, but I can't get it to attach the image. Only the link inserts.

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