RESULTS: Mini Challenge # 324 "Arches and Arcades"

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Not too many entries and not even all "for competition", but still some very nice ones.

@JAG, I especially like the line and shadow play of Castillo de San Cristobal in Puerto Ricobut the textures of the colosseum come out nice as well
@Cavalier, not so blatantly obvious for me in Europe, the first has fantastic colours and is not a cliché view you often see. Also the waves in the second are impressive allthough I have the feeling the image is tilted clockwise
@grandmaR, nice examples, especially the third "Then and Now" diptich is special and other than the maintenance truck there's many more differences to explore.
@DavidRGillespie, glad you came back David, I've never seen cedar arches like that so thanks for sharing, also the Spring Island rock arch is a nice photo with interesting textures and lines in the foreground
@sarasphotos, fantastic golden arches in the Albi Cathedral! And I think I've driven through that Arch in the Gorges du Tarn many years ago, but didn't take a photo.
@sapphire73, Like with Joyce's photo I find the light/shadow play in the first very appealing. And I can feel the nice and quiet summer on the French Riviera in your second one

And now for the winners (where I unfortunately had to pass on the last two entrants):

HM goes to @DavidRGillespie for Cedar arches at Alhambra, Grenada, Spain
3rd place goes to @JAG for Castillo de San Cristobal in Puerto Rico
2nd place goes to @grandmaR for Arc de Triumph de Carousel in Paris - 1964 on the right - 2019 on the left

And first pace is for @Cavalier for Arches in the obvious - Arches National Park

Gorgeous colours and nice composition, not obvious at all in my mind. I only think you need to clean up two dust spots from your sensor (both close to your signature)

So congrats and looking forward what you can bring us next.

Pieter, aka pegelli
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