Removing "On Entire Site" Logo from "Just This Page"

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I have seen a couple of older topics discussing this, but am unable to get the methods used then to work.
The CSS codes they share does not seem to be generalizable =0

I would like to have one page that does not have my Logo, but still keep the Logo on Entire Site other than this page.
Main Site: www.kallenphotos.com
Page I would like to remove my logo and menu from: kallenphotos.com/Peersupport
Any way to do this?

I've Zero experience in coding... Please treat me like an idiot hahah! Do I place a CSS block on the page itself?

Some background. I'm trying to create a page for peer support for juniors in my university for mental health. It needs to be on the downlow because my country does not have adequate mental health laws and discrimination is rife. I want a decent polished website which I can via word of mouth to those who need it. It will serve as a landing page with my contact details. After contacting myself they will be put in touch with a peer supporter (someone who has had mental health issues and is now stable and is willing to help out).
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