Forum attached to image library.

sgbotsfordsgbotsford Registered Users Posts: 11 Big grins

This is sort of crazy. I want to create an online curated collection organized roughly as

Year, event-type, event, subevent, photos

E.g. 1998 -> Canoeing -> Methye -> Garbage Can Rapids -> Img211783

Now I want my users to be able to dredge up stories surrounding the images.

So I want something like PhpBB attached to the image directory so that people can add a story at any level of the hierarchy.

In general each level of the hierarchy will show all contents of lower events.

Ideally I want an admin to be able to move story trees around, and also to create symbolic links.

Under the hood, I think that this is better done with tags, rather than folders, as it makes it easier for a given conversation to be in multiple places.

Does smugmug do this?

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