RESULTS Mini Challenge # 325 - Converging Lines

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Well, once again I had the Results post finished was previewing before posting when I hit the back arrow on the browser instead of Edit and lost all my work. Major DUH!

Thank you to everyone who entered the mini. All of the entries were on point (pun intended) and very well done.
So without further ado and at the risk of losing the results again, here is my take:

@grandmaR - Your Tallahassee capitol building photo is a different and cool take on the topic. And I really like the NJ railway station - it left me wondering if your sister's shot of you would also have converging lines of the opposite end of the station!
@JAG - The sense of speed in your second photo is exhilarating. And love the lines on the deck leading to a cutie!
@DavidRGillespie - The Yukon highway is a great example of convergence. I love the multiple lines and logs on the BW wooden bridge.
@Pegelli - Multiple sets of converging lines in your first entry are unexpected and wonderful. The reflection in your water convergence is amazing.
@sapphire73 - Once I realized that the dark band across the Luxembourg American Cemetery photos was actually a line of hills behind the trees, I could really appreciate the two converging line paths. Because the grave markers were so precisely the same height, the illusion of the 'dark band' fooled me. But then I can be easily fooled. Kudos on the great shot.
@bfluegie - I wanted so badly to congratulate you on getting converging lines with concentric circles. I know they aren't concentric circles - but a wonderful shot anyway! And the Hanalei Pier entry is spectacular.
@sarasphotos - The Córdoba, Spain entry is wonderful with the variety of textures and tones in the (what I think are) cobblestones. And I love the curved road in the Spring Hike photo.

Congratulations to everyone for some interesting and amazing shots. And the results are:

Third place is @DavidRGillespie for the Wooden Bridge. Great perspective, David.

Second place - is a tie between @Pegelli for the Netherlands Coastal photo and @sapphire73 for the Luxembourg American Cemetery
Two sets of converging lines at the coast of Zuid Beveland (Netherlands)

Luxembourg American Cemetery

First Place goes to @bfluegie for her Hanalei Pier entry. The varied converging materials make it an interesting structure with the wooden (left) side of the pier coming to a perfect point, accentuating the couple in the distance.

Congrats, Barbara - the baton passes to you.


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