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Hi there,
I am starting to find my feet with the HTML blocks to customize aspects of my site. I want to create a recent blog posts section on my homepage with three photos each linking to a different blog post. Ideally each would have the title of the blog post under it. Most importantly, I want to learn how to add a splash of colour in the background of a content block. This is not my website, but it gives an idea of what I am hoping to recreate: https://laurafenny.com/

The bar of brown under the photo of herself with three photos as links.

Any ideas? Is Smugmug too limiting? Here is my website for reference: https://www.jbriginshawphotography.com/



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    tomnovytomnovy Registered Users Posts: 1,101 SmugMug Employee

    Hey There. Why not add a PAGES content block and set it so that it only shows three pages from your blog section. Then you can use CSS to modify the look of the bottom bar, so it appears over the page thumbnail.

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