New here and been taking photos for quite a long time now but still trying to improve.

reysmattreysmatt New member Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
My name's Matt and like to keep my kit minimal and enjoy shooting for light and shade, patterns, abstracts and most of the time nature.

Anyone else out there who likes to keep their kit minimal and if so, what do you use?


  • slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,190 Major grins

    When I'm shooting people, I really do like a minimal kit for sure. For a single subject (like senior pics), I prefer my 100 mm lens (Canon). If I want a second lens option for whatever reason, I will either use my 24-70 or my 70-200. It really depends upon the setting and what kind of pics I want. Usually though for the senior pics I do, I have my camera body and my 100 mm. Welcome to Dgrin!

    Sherry P.

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